How to Hire a Ghostwriter You Actually Trust in 9 Simple Steps

There are still ways that you can get a sense of the work that ghosts have done by checking out their websites. For example, our website lists books we’ve worked on but doesn’t state the role we played in each book. We wrote some, edited and doctored others, and co-authored a few. Unless the ghost’s professional experience has been only as a deep ghost, they should have some published acknowledgments they can share with you.

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As a writer, I”m able to work with variety of client because of the type of content I”m able to deliver. I know that the best fiction doesn”t just take the reader on an enchanting journey but makes the reader feel something. That”s why my work is known for its strong point-of-view, vivid storytelling, and poignant quality. I write fast and I care about the story I”m telling. I give it soul. I”m also experienced in nonfiction, especially in writing short historical books and biographies, as well . View more

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What can you expect from a ghostwriter?

In general, for a nonfiction project, a ghostwriter will rely on the author to provide all the stories, case studies, research and other materials that will be used in the project. The ghost may also conduct interviews with the author and other experts to gather information and stories, and sometimes he or she also conducts research.

For fiction, the role of the ghost is less well-defined. Some novelists give their ghosts a premise, the main characters and an idea or two for how the book might end and let the writer take it from there. Other authors will break down each chapter with the ghost before the first draft.

With both nonfiction and fiction, experienced ghosts can also help you to flesh out your primary point or storyline, organize your material in a way that makes sense to readers and guide you in making decisions that are in your book’s best interest. It’s very important that you hire a ghostwriter you can trust not just because of your confidential material and relationship, but also because you’re counting on their insider knowledge and need their advice.

What will the standard process be like?

Once the writer has produced the third draft of the entire manuscript, the next step is editing, which is then followed by proofreading — both of which should be done by someone other than the writer. If you’re curious about how much of a bite all of this will take out of your wallet, we recommend taking this quick 10-second quiz below that will help break down the costs for your specific genre.

What will it cost you to hire a ghostwriter?

Why Marketers & Companies Hire Ghostwriters?

In the past few years, the number of ghostwriters has significantly increased mainly because of several benefits they offer to marketers and companies. We have compiled a list of reasons why marketers and companies prefer to hire ghostwriters in New York.

  • You may be a subject matter expert with abundant knowledge in your line of work, but, you might not be an excellent writer. With the help of book ghost writers, they can utilize the information and knowledge you provide to write drafts to help their clients become successful authors. No matter if you do not write well, just share your expertise, create notes, draft an outline, and let the ghost take care of the rest.
  • It really saves a lot of time. Time is of the essence, and not every individual has it! You may be an established name in the market, but with a tight schedule. This is where a ghost comes in to cater to your needs while you focus on other core tasks. This will help you scale your name and business book and your ghostwriter can take care of your book writing.
  • Ghostwriters can be used for multiple purposes and not just for book writing. Understand that you are planning to build a brand and scale it as per your expectations – which is why you would need to create a lot of content. This will include blog writing, articles, infographics, videos, and more. The majority of the online branding and content marketing is managed by a ghostwriter or a team of best ghostwriters who work tirelessly to published books.
  • Writing content is a skill and not everyone has it. Whether it is book writing or blog writing, the process may seem simple, but the technicalities are complicated. And, unless you are experienced or have an idea about it – you should leave it to the experts for the best results.
  • This is the best part – you could always ask someone to write a book even if you do not have a sound command of the subject. While a good ghost writer can deeply rely on the knowledge of the author but in some cases, the author may not have great command over the subject. In such a case, the ghost is expected to do the research in-depth.
  • Your book will finally get done. Over the years, we have come across many authors who started writing books on the basis of an idea but are unable to complete it – like ever. This could be due to time constraints or writer’s block. Regardless, a ghostwriter will make sure that the book is completed in the due time.


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